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Our Facility

We are a traditional boarding kennel, which means each dog (or family) has their own private area separate from the other boarders. Our regular runs are covered, indoor/outdoor runs with a total length of 16 feet. Extra–wide runs are available for 2 or more large dogs from the same family who wish to board together.


The dogs have the freedom to go in and out all day long as they like, and at night the dog door to the outside is closed and they spend the night on the inside. The indoor half is heated/ air conditioned when needed.


Dogs boarding in the indoor/outdoor runs are brought outside individually to the play yards every morning as their runs are being cleaned, and pet owners have the option of signing them up for extra playtime during the day.


We also have indoor runs, with a total length of 12 feet. These runs don’t have access to the outside so dogs are brought out several times throughout the day in addition to the morning cleaning.


Bedding and fresh water are available at all times for all boarders.


Cats are kept in an area separate from the dogs.  Each cat has their own condo, measuring 3'x3'x2', with 2 levels.  Units can be combined for multi-cat households.  Condos are furnished with a litter pan, bedding, and fresh water.

Reservations must be made prior to check–in. Because of limited space and the popularity of our runs, please make your reservations well in advance during the summer months, during holiday

times, and for BSU away games.


We request advance notice for cancellations and reservation modifications.

Reservations are Required

Vaccinations are Required

Documentation of current vaccinations is required on or before the day of arrival for your pet. We accept home vaccinations, and as proof we require the receipt of the vaccine purchase as well as the labels from the vaccine jars themselves. Puppies under the age of 16 weeks must be current up to their 2nd series of puppy shots.



Rabies (1 to 3 years)

Distemper (1 to 3 years)

Bordetella (6 mos to 1 year)



Rabies (1 to 3 years)

FVRCP (1 to 3 years)

Feline Leukemia not required, but recommended


Boarding your dog should be a positive experience. Your dog looks to you for guidance. A nervous owner makes for a nervous dog, likewise a positive attitude makes for an enthusiastic dog. Relax and remember this should be fun for both of you!


Boarding charges begin on the day of drop–off. Please check–in no later than 2 hours before our closing time when possible; this will give your pet the opportunity to settle in before bedtime. All dogs must be on leash, held, or in a carrier for their safety. Cats must be in a carrier.


Please do not bring any toys or bedding that you REALLY don’t want to lose. While we utilize a strict inventory process, we are not responsible for lost or damaged articles.



We provide natural, premium dog foods. Owners are more than welcome to provide their own food from home if they wish, especially if their dog is on a prescription diet, has food allergies, or has a sensitive stomach. (Be sure to bring enough for the entire stay.) We feed once a day, in the morning, and a second meal can be arranged later in the day for an additional charge.



If your pet requires medication, this can be arranged at an additional charge. Owners must provide the medication which needs to be clearly marked with the dog’s name, medication type, and dosage.



We provide bedding for all boarders, though owners are welcome to provide their own from home. Please use discretion when bringing bedding; we suggest you don’t bring the bedspread from your bed or the cushions from your couch as personal items could be lost or damaged.



20 minute playtimes are offered to our guests at an additional charge. Owners are welcome to schedule up to 2 per day, per dog. All playtimes are with a member of the staff. Be sure to let us know if they have a favorite game!



We offer full grooming services from our experienced groomers, ranging from just a nail trim to full breed clips. This service is offered to our boarders as well as for dogs in need of a day at the spa. Ask for current rates and availability.



We offer a discounted board rate for dogs that need to be boarded for just a few hours during our business hours and don’t require an overnight stay.



Have you ever wondered what your dog does all day while you’re gone? Now you can see for yourself what he does at the kennel! For a small additional charge, we offer runs with private webcams to view your dog during the day. Webcams are very limited, so inquire about one when you make your boarding reservation.


Check–out time is 12:00 noon. If you pick your pet up after 12:00 noon, you will be charged in full for the day. If your pet is being bathed or groomed on the day of pick–up, the check–out time is

extended until 2:00 pm. Dogs picked up after 2:00 pm will be charged $10.00 per dog.


Please allow yourself time to get to the kennel. Because we are located in a residential area, we are under a city ordinance regarding our hours and are required to close our gates promptly at 6:00 pm.

Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to our hours.


Every effort will be made by our staff to return your pet’s items when you come to pick him up. If something is missing, please mention it and we will do our best to locate the item.

Back at Home

We recommend that you withhold food and water for at least 1 and half hours upon returning home. Give your pet time to settle down and offer water in small portions. When excited, a dog may drink or

eat too much which can make them ill.


Your pet spent some time in an environment which is different from what he’s used to at home and is now back in a comfortable and familiar environment. A difference in attitude is not uncommon; he

may be more lethargic or more hyperactive than usual. This is the equivalent of you or me returning home from a trip and getting back to our regular routine. After a day or two at most he should return

to his normal self.

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