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Specializing in loving, hands-on pet care

Monday-Saturday 8:00-6:00

Sunday 9:00-6:00

Closed for drop-off and pick-up on holidays

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Under 12 lbs: $20.50/day

12-29 lbs: $21.00/day

30-49 lbs: $21.50/day

50-69 lbs: $22.00/day

70-89 lbs: $22.50/day

90 lbs or more: $23.00/day


Cats: $17.00/day



Additional Services

Playtime: $2.00 / 20 mins / dog

Medications: $1.00

Extra Meal: $1.00

Webcam: $3.00


Please call for grooming rates as prices vary with breed, coat condition, etc.


Call today and give your pet

a fantastic experience.




Boarding Rates

(rates are subject to change without notice)

Long-term Boarding

A discount of 10% is applied to any stay longer than 30 days. A 50% deposit is required for boarding longer than 2 weeks; a 100% deposit is required for boarding longer than 30 days.

Multiple Pets

For 2 or more dogs who wish to board in the same run, a discount of $1.00 off each additional dog’s board rate will be applied to the bill.

Pick Up and Delivery

Pick up and delivery services are offered at an additional charge during our business hours when arrangements are made in advance.

Airport Pick Up and Delivery

For pet owners needing to fly their pets in or out of the Boise airport, we offer pick up and delivery services at an additional charge when arrangements are made in advance.

Professional Referrals

Being a respected member of the local pet care industry, we are able to assist pet owners with referrals for a variety of pet care needs including obedience training, veterinary services, and

locating breeders of specific dog breeds.

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Doggy Daycare: $16.00

Cat Daycare: $12.00